Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Timothy Adam's Handmadeology

Timothy Adam is at it again, creating a great way to learn how to sell handmade items online, successfully. He is a wealth of useful knowledge when it comes to this topic and has created a site devoted to it. He will be starting his lessons starting January 26th, and you can sign up for the newsletter for free. If you have a small handmade business that you want to get off the ground, this is the guy with all the best tips.

Visit Handmadeology.com, now for more info and make sure to sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page!

From his bio:

"Timothy Adam is a self taught metal artist who makes a living selling
online. He is also dedicated to helping others achieve their goal of successfully
selling their handmade goods online."


jonwen45 said...

Thanks for listing this info for us.
Timothy is very talented.I have visited his Etsy shop and I follow him on Twitter.

It looks as if you are very talented also. I will watch for more of your work and I follow your blog.

Susie said...

Thank you!

I'm trying to spread the word because his tips work! And he does it for free. What more can you ask for :)

Thanks for the comment and compliment!! I really appreciate it :)

Creative Minds said...

You have a great blog!


kim* said...

very cool---

Kats Cozy Krafts said...

Hi Tim, I'm one of your 5-day students this time. I have signed up for a blog on Blogger.com. I was searching yesterday and found a perfect blog skin for my blog. It's on Bloc Skins. They told me to download the skin I had to use a classic ? They also told me photobucket is their download system and I had to sign up there. It's free right now. I got lost there. Too technical for me. Even the templates on Blogger.com make no sense to me. Please help me. I'm all set up but no cool set. Thanks for your help in advance. Hugs. Kat katscozykrafts.etsy.com