Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Monday, August 20, 2007 - "I plan to devote a little more time to keeping everyone updated on what's going on in the 'world of Siouxsie.'"

so much for that! I wrote a post and never posted again! Well, this time I am going to try harder.

Things have picked up for Sanctum Design Studio and I have since re-designed the site. I have lowered prices to cater to those starving artists and small business owners that just can't afford to pay outlandish prices for websites, business card design and logos.

Anyway, I hope that people will check back for updates.

I'm taking on craigslist.org right now. I'm offering services like model portfolios, photo retouching and as always I'm offering my regular services like logo and web design.

I have a great deal going on right now, where models can give me a cd of photos that they might have received for their time as a model for the photographer's portfolio. Most of the time these images are not edited... not good for the model. I take the images, clean them up and package them and have them turned into a hardcover book they can use as their portfolio. It's a great deal of time offered to them, at a fraction of the cost of other design studios. I just know how hard it is to find affordable quality work. So I'm doing it at out of the kindness of my heart... for only $100. It breaks down as $50 for the book and $50 for editing and layout.

If you know any amateur models that could take advantage of this deal, send them my way!

More special to be announced, so check back later, or better yet, subscribe!

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