Friday, June 27, 2008

Portraits anyone?

So , I got a new kick ass camera. I thought it was a semi-pro camera. Well it turns out its top of the line and I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I love it so far, and I plan on taking a photography class this summer to brush up on the technical stuff. If you guys would like any portraits done, I'm setting appointments. Seniors, personal, couples, whatever... let me know if you want some cheap portraits done. Most photographers charge over $150 for portraits, so you might like to jump at this chance for some decent, inexpensive pictures.

- Prices -
These are temporary since I am a beginner and these will be considered "practice shoots" DFW Area ONLY $125 for portraits. Includes 2 hours of shooting. No special lighting, just outside. includes post editing, i.e. fixing blemishes, and color correction.

For a limited time you get one free 8x10 print.

I can also get you additional prints, but it will be extra!

You get all your final images on a CD/DVD - no extra charge.

You can view some examples of my talents at

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