Monday, December 22, 2008

Sarah from Going Coastal

I am part of a great group of Etsians and have had the honor of meeting a few very talented designers that contribute to the group.

One in particular was very sweet when I met her in person at the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash. I had only met Sarah from Going Coastal in one little exchange online, and introduced myself to her at the bash. I had wanted to get a bracelet from her for a while.

I bought a great wrap bracelet for myself and a little one for my daughter that night and just fell in love with her work. I later placed a custom order for a black and red wrap bracelet, since they are my favorite colors and she turned it out in very little time. She even had to special order the red coral beads I wanted. I really appreciate her going above and beyond and just wanted to share my great experience. She was even so sweet to send along a thank you note with a bracelet for Gennie, because of "my continued support."

I love people like this. This is the why I love buying handmade. There's just an extra feeling of friendship that goes into the process. Even though I don't really know Sarah, I feel a little connection, with her and her work. When items are handmade, they mean something. At least that's how I feel about it, lol.

I always enjoyed creating handmade cards for my friends and family. There's just something special about handmade items, whatever they may be.

Here's a look at the great bracelet she made.

You can see more great hemp accessories at her Etsy shop.

The quality of her work is amazing and the materials she uses are genuine coral and top quality hemp.


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Sara P. said...

Susie, thank you for writing about my work in such a wonderful light! I am ecstatic that you were so pleased with the wrap, and I appreciate the 'shout out.' lol