Friday, January 9, 2009

Time for Change - and I'm not taking about Obama!

My hair was getting long and starting to make me feel frumpy because I felt buried in it. I'm Hispanic, so that means my hair is thick and plentiful. Some girls would think this is a good thing, but believe me, it's not! It's really heavy and as it gets longer, all it wants to do is get tangled and split at the ends. So, since I am getting gradumicated (my word!) tomorrow, I decided to get a hair cut.

I've always liked the short choppy layers I see all the cool kids doing and thought it would be a cool look for me. Every time I go somewhere in the mall I end up with a basic layered cut. It's like they decide to keep it subtle. I'm not paying them to play it safe! So I went to someone my boss recommended and voila!

I got a great cut for not too much money. And he's a really cool guy too.

His name is Shea Lemons.
If you ever need a haircut, you should look him up!
He's located at the Plaza Salons in Irving, TX - Suite #52

Tell him Susie sent you!

P.S. This is merely a friendly recommendation. I'm not getting any perks for referrals!

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